Fixed fees make it easier

Fixed Price Accounting Fees

Knowing how much you have to pay in accounting fees before you engage your accountant helps in your personal cash flow management and ensures that there are no surprises.

Gone are the days that your accountant sends you a bill after they have finished your annual tax job, and based on the time he has taken to do your job.

Gone are the days that you are loath to call your accountant with a simple question because you know that he will send you a bill, just for talking, just for telling you something that you only wanted confirmation on and something that he knew off the top of his head.

It is our policy that we will give you a quote in advance before we commence any work for you. If we don’t you are not obligated to pay for that service!

In addition, as part of our fixed price agreement, you can call us anytime to get timely advice without the fear of “running the meter”. If you do however ask us to do something that takes longer than 15 minutes, or we are required to research something for you, we will charge you, but will provide a quote before we start.

How does this help you? You can be certain of the accounting fees you will pay. You can include the amounts in your budget, which will help you with your cash flow planning. And, you can call us anytime to ask a question, even if it is just to confirm what you are thinking!

‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’