Starting a business

Are You Starting a Business?

Then we can help! As small business specialists, we can help you get everything set up the right way to minimise risk to you and your family, minimise tax and maximise your success.

Starting a business is an exciting time!

Before you get carried away, come and see us so we can review your business idea and plans to ensure you maximise your chances of success. We can also assist with all the things required to establish your business, including the legal requirements of registering your business for an ABN and TFN right through to setting you up with an affordable and effective cloud accounting system.

Maximise your success

With only 1 in 5 business start-ups surviving their first 12 months, we can maximise your chances of success by ensuring that you have set up your new business correctly from the start, understand your tax and legal obligations, protected your family’s assets, and have a well thought out, robust plan to minimise your risk of failure.

‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’