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BAS Statement Preparation and Lodgement Xero – An Introduction

Xero Touch is the mobile app for Xero accounting software. It’s a great way for small business owners who are always on the move to manage their finances. Bank reconciliation, checking account balances, online invoicing and expense management can all be done at the touch of a button — anywhere, anytime.

Discover what Xero and cloud accounting can do for you.

1. Collaborate in the Cloud

Xero allows an unlimited number of users so you can choose who can access your data and what they can do with it. You will also be able to work with your colleagues at the same time even if you’re in different places. As soon as you give your advisers access they can immediately log in and analyse your books and numbers. This feature is perfect for spotting opportunities and solving problems as soon as they arise.

Xero allows you and your team to keep track of your finances and maintain a steady—and increasing—cash flow.

2. Access while mobile

Even if you’re on the move you can access accounts, keep track of your bank balance, upload receipts and send invoices to your clients. Xero’s mobile app works with iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Xero’s mobile app also allows you to take a photo of a receipt and upload it to Xero for documentation. You can also create your invoices, enter bills, and check on your books on the go.

3. Reconciliation from anywhere at anytime

Xero receives all your bank statements automatically via a secure connection. All your transactions are categorised into banking, credit card and PayPal. This makes reconciling and gaining a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business a breeze.

Additionally, if you notice any problems in your data you can leave a comment for your accountant, bookkeeper or advisor. They will be able to access your data immediately and give you a health check.

You can also reconcile foreign currency accounts that follow exchange rates that are updated hourly.

4. Payroll without pain

Xero serves as a business owner’s accounting and payroll solution having successfully turned the old days of manual entry on its head.

Super payments and tax updates are automatic, and you can easily manage your cash flow by scheduling payments of suppliers and clients. On top of that Xero provides you with a complete snapshot of your payroll, leave and liabilities.

5. Invoicing with immediate results

Log in and send an invoice the minute the job is done. Doing this helps you get payments faster. Xero will notify you as soon as your client opens the invoice, after which he or she will have the option to pay you online right away.

Your business advisers can check in on your books and transactions from time to time to stay on top of your old invoices. This allows you to make sure that you are getting paid as quickly as you should be.

Xero is an essential tool for all business owners no matter the size of their operation. With no upfront fee, contracts and plans from just $49 per month, now is the time to try it for yourself. Contact us about a 2 month free trial and see what Xero can do for your business.

Case study

One of our clients runs a local plumbing business with 3 staff. Every week it would take him 3 hours to send all of the invoices, check which invoices had been paid and which were still outstanding and organise payment of staff and suppliers. His time could be billed for $90 per hour, these three hours of admin cost him $270 a week.

We helped him make the move to Xero, set up his bank feeds and took over his payroll all for less that he was paying his old accountant, plus we have freed up over $1,000 per month in billable hours. To make his life easier his invoices are automatically matched to payments made and he can see at the touch of a button which invoices are outstanding and can set up automatic reminders to customers that invoices are due for payment.
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To learn more about Xero and how it can add value to your business, speak to our friendly team of business advisers and accountants. We are Xero partners and can help get up set up on xero today!

Nice new system. Everything can be accessed by way of the portal whenever you need it. I like that.
Alwyn Terpstra

I just want to say thank you for assisting me with my business budgeting. I have now been putting my gst away each week and it’s amazing the stress that will be lifted when it comes to paying it. I am also looking at implementing the other monthly transfers that will assist my financial obligations to the point that I am now excited again about growing my business under your guidance. You’re are FIRST accountant that I have come across that shows real care about business owners and how they can plan and implement financial strategies that makes business more fun!
Everything Visual
North Coogee, WA

‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’