The Five Stages of Brand Experience

News Article: August 6, 2019 by Oaktree Accounting Marketing

A great brand takes time and energy to develop, but there are many benefits:

  • Projecting a trustworthy, established and reputable image; implying quality
  • Attracting the right fit customers (and team members!) – who share your vision and values
  • Cohesively linking products and services as you expand your offering or markets

So, how do you get people to discover your brand, let alone develop a connection to it? It’s important to consider what you can do along the Brand Experience Journey.

There are five stages of brand experience:

1. Brand awareness.
When a consumer is alerted to your brand, and therefore aware that you exist. Perhaps they walk past some business signage or see a post on social media. Consider how you can get seen, and by the right people.

2. Brand recognition.
When a potential customer recognises your brand and how it differs from your competitors. Perhaps your offering is renowned for its fast delivery. Get clearer on your value proposition and how you’re different.

3. Brand trial.
When a consumer has tried your brand. Maybe they’ve downloaded a free resource from your website or attended a free consultation. Make sure their first taste is a good one!

4. Brand preference.
When a customer buys from you again. When they come back to you for more; it’s likely they’ve had a good experience and will start to develop emotional ties to your brand. Review your entire customer experience; how can you continuously improve? Engage and delight your repeat customers so they return more frequently!

5. Brand loyalty.
When in the customer’s mind there is simply no substitute for your brand. This is the end game! When you achieve this, you must reward your customers, not just because they’ll be buying from you more, but because they’ll be sending you referrals!

Achieving brand loyalty is key to a business’s success. It also encourages referrals of more right fit customers! #Winning!

“The customer’s perception is your reality.” – Kate Zabriskie